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Cielo Godoy

All levels Instructor & coach!

Cielo Godoy founded  surf n roll in 2008 .

25 years surfing and 15 teaching how to surf .

Mother to 2 girls and one boy all of them already surfing .Cielo develop her own technique specialized in kids and women !


Melanie Corbalan 



Since joining our team a few years ago, Melanie has brought a fresh perspective and teaching approach to their position as our Main  Instructor that has inspired innovation throughout surf n roll.

Melanie is fluent in french, english and spanish !


Spanish speaker instructor

We’re happy to have Martin in our team . Martin is a soccer trainer and surf instructor with his high energy and good vibes makes the best experience learning to surf ! Martin is great with kids even that he is not fluent in english he can manage an awesome lesson he is perfect if you have high energy and trying to learn english in the process !

Team: Team
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